FilmToolz Training

Would you like to learn about the intricacies of working in the system? Do you find it difficult to understand the lessons and training videos? Can't find answers to your questions?

Now you can order training from FilmToolz experts to master working in the system..

Personalized Learning

Order individual training. The training takes place in ZOOM.

The duration of each lesson is 1 hour.


Improve your FilmToolz skills by joining our group training sessions held via Zoom.

Enrollment for the training is now open. Classes will start once there are enough students enrolled.

Corporate Learning

You can order corporate training for your company's employees.

The training is conducted in ZOOM format or in full-time format.

Training topics


  • Working with the stripboard and importing the script
  • Compilation of checkpoints and call signs
  • Production reporting
  • Accounting for the cost of actors and elements
  • Using advanced Project Analytics
  • Budgeting

  • Creating estimates and planned costs
  • Maintaining the accrued expenses of the project
  • Maintaining the actual costs of the project
  • Work with reports on accruals, obligations, the act of mutual settlements
  • Integration of budgeting and scheduling modules
  • Preproduction

  • Working with characters, actors, candidates, ensembles
  • Planning casting tests, creating playlists
  • Working with objects and locations
  • Working with scripts
  • Using the casting database for the selection of actors
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