About us

Filmtoolz – сервис, позволяющий автоматизировать работу съемочной группы на этапе планирования съемок, составления КПП, формирования вызывных и, впоследствии, производственной отчетности.

For several years of the existence of the service, it has become the standard for more than 100 film companies, advertising productions, several thousand users and projects.

Since its launch in 2014, FilmToolz has been actively developed and constantly improved according to the wishes of our users. If you have ideas, wishes and comments regarding the work of the project, write to us at info@filmtoolz.ru. No letter will go unanswered!

  • Vladislav Momdzhyan Founder and CEO of FilmToolz
  • The purpose of FilmToolz is uniform standards for the film industry
    Our task is to introduce modern project management and automation standards in the film industry, which have long become the norm in other industries.

Planned launch


Services that optimize the processes of scheduling and control of work at the stage of the installation and tinting period of the project.

Visualization of the timing of the installation, color correction, sound and computer graphics. The cost of services, the status of implementation and mutual settlements with counterparties.

Planned launch in 2024