Reduce film production costs
through the implementation
of automated scheduling and control proccesses
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A user-friendly interface to quickly build shooting schedules for one or more units.

Import the screenplay and get detailed analytics on actors, sets, estimated screen time and other key indicators.

Invite a Cast Assistant and enter Actors' availability (DooDs) – the system will notify the 2nd unit director of all shooting scheduling and call sheet restrictions.

Simple call sheet manager with Excel and PDF downloads, screenplay clips and call sheet emails to the crew.

Enter the filmed and scheduled scenes, actual screen time, track crew time and calculate overtime.

Enter actors, sets and other elements cost, including overtime conditions, and the system will calculate their fees based on production reports.

Set up roles and involve the entire crew in the project by allocating areas of responsibility and access to confidential information.

Use templates to make cost estimates. Configurable cost estimate views. Easy online variance analysis of project costs.

Project cost accounting based on accrued and paid costs. Variance project cost analysis. Easy and configurable reporting.

Reported project funds management. Online advance reports entries and checks.

Automated trade payables tracking (management and accounting). Configurable reporting by items, contractors and contracts.

Online project contract register. Allocate contract statuses, attach scans, add certificates and more.

Automated imports to project cost estimates. Daily shooting day cost imports.

Automated project payment scheduling. Payment rate settings.

The largest actors database in Russia, more than 25 000 talents. 

Build cast lists. Rank and comment candidates. Configure export files.

Add casting videos with shooting dates and time. Rank, comment, store, share. 

Visual casting checks.

Choose locations, rank, comment and export lists and reports.

Upload and store screenplays and drafts

25 000+ actors database with powerful search engine 

Actors profiles are alwaus up-to-date. Our managers check and update information, adding new photos and videos. 

Actors can promote themselves making it easier for casting directors to find their profile

More than 30,000 videos. The Casting base contains all publicly available actor business cards and episodes from series. Users can also access screen tests from their projects.

Casting base in your phone. FilmToolz Casting base has been adapted for mobile.

Preproduction integration. Transfer the required actors to your FilmToolz projects or add them to folders for later. All with one click.

Planned launch
  • post-production
  • Control your post-production proccesses, color correction and CG. The launch is scheduled for 2024.
Feedbacks from our users
  • Teymur Jafarov Executive producer
  • I have been using FilmToolz for all my projects since 2016.

    FilmToolz allows to manage the usual mess of the shooting process. The information entered by the 2nd unit director and main departments on a daily basis is available to the general producer in an understandable form and allows to keep abreast by reducing the risk of overspending and delayed shooting. I hope that FilmToolz will become the operational standard for all 2nd unit directors and the industry in general.

  • Mariya Khrapova Financial manager
  • A powerful control tool facilitating the financial project audit.

    Actor fees, overtime, shooting days and other indicators are easily detailed and verified. For me, the Budgeting module has long become an alternative to multiple separate Excel tables (variations, cash flows, debts of reporting parties and contractors) that greatly streamlines the operations.

  • Sergey Maevskiy Executive producer
  • All project information is at hand and available 24/7 in a user-friendly format.

    A huge number of project reports flock to the Executive Producer. You used to have to search for Excel files in the emails, wait for them, make sure that the calculations are correct, etc. Now all reports are available at any time of the day, immediately after production reports are made at the end of the shooting day. Moreover, summary indicators (including financial) are automatically calculated by the system, thus mitigating the risk of errors.

  • Tatyana Misyagina Second director
  • Flexible software settingsfor shooting schedules and call sheets.

    FilmToolz is a blessing for a 2nd unit director. The entire screenplay is clearly visible, it is impossible to miss or forget anything. It is convenient as we can customize the software to our needs and preferences. And automated project analytics for sets, characters and other elements saves valuable time. Now you do not need to spend hours creating tables with the number of scenes and shooting days. The software will do everything for you!

  • Anastasiya Kulikova Second director
  • FilmToolz is a step towards technology!

    It has been 3 years since I started using Filmtoolz and now I understand for sure that I will not be able to work without it ever! Even when I need to continue the project in a place without Internet access, I download the shooting schedules and all related reports in the formats like Excel and continue working there, and then I import the stripboard to the software. There are many peculiarities, but if you spend some time exploring all features, you can save much time required for shooting scheduling, drawing up call sheets and reporting.

  • Igor Marin Leading producer of the film company "Cosmos studio"
  • Quick and easy screenplay analyticsat the project development stage.

    Even at the stage of screenplay development, FilmToolz allows to quickly evaluate its parameters, including the density of sets, location/studio ratio, actor employment in scenes and other. Another useful feature is the automated timing calculation allowing to roughly but quickly check manual calculations. We are looking forward to the Preproduction module for full-fledged casting automation and Screenplay block.

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