Finalization of the Reconciliation report

12 октября 2023

We have significantly improved the Reconciliation Report.

Now in the date range you can select the period you need, which is calculated dynamically based on the current date: you can view data for the last month, the current month to date, the first or second half of the month.


We added the ability to display data for several articles at once.


Added express search by contractor, article, comment.


Improved filtration. Now, when selecting a counterparty, article filters automatically offer articles that are relevant for this counterparty, and vice versa.


Added checkboxes for selecting rows and displaying the total amounts for them.


Added warnings about similar payments and charges, which helps avoid accidental duplication.


We added the ability to select and move columns, as well as a sticky header with their names, which does not disappear when scrolling through a large number of rows.