Casting base: statistics, contacts, search by agencies

26 августа 2022

Filmtoolz Casting base updates.

1) Analytics in the personal account of the actor/agent.

Added the ability to track the main analytical indicators of the Filmtoolz Casting base questionnaires. In order to view the analytics, you need to go to your personal account –> actors. If one or more actors are linked to your account, then the following indicators for each of them will be available to you:

  • The number of profile views (views of profiles in the casting base and on the pages of actors in projects are taken into account (preproduction module);
  • The number of issuance of the actor in the search queries of the casting base;
  • Number of additions of an actor to projects (module preproduction);
  • Number of additions of an actor to folders.

Very soon we will add the ability to customize the display of analytics in several formats: daily/weekly/monthly statistics.

2) Improved advanced search and added the ability to filter actors by agency.

In the advanced settings, the ability to filter actors according to their affiliation with a particular agency has been added.

3) Added the ability to bind contacts of actors/agents.

If you want to add your contacts or contacts of your representatives/agents, now it can be done in a few clicks. In order to add and link contacts to the profile you need, first of all, this profile must be linked to your account. After that, in your personal account, you need to go to the "Actors" tab and click on the "edit profile" button. After, you get to the editing page, where the "Contacts" block will be located below the main information.

You can add one or more different contacts (phone and mailbox will need to be confirmed), as well as set the visibility of each contact:

  • All users
  • Casting for directors and producers
  • Do not show

Your feedback is very important to us! If you have any questions or wishes to improve the current functionality, we are waiting for your letters to info@filmtoolz.ru